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Volume13, No 2
Volume 13(2); June 2016
Clinical Article
Clinical and Radiological Comparison between Ipsilateral and Contralateral Side Canal Decompression Using an Unilateral Laminotomy Approach
Woong Bae Park, Jae Taek Hong, Sang Won Lee, Jae Hoon Sung, Seung Ho Yang, IL Sub Kim
(p41-46)  Korean J Spine_13_2_41_46.pdf
Effect of Using Local Intrawound Vancomycin Powder in Addition to Intravenous Antibiotics in Posterior Lumbar Surgery: Midterm Result in a Single-Center Study
Gun-Ill Lee, Koang Hum Bak, Hyoung-Joon Chun, Kyu-Sun Choi
(p47-52)  Korean J Spine_13_2_47_52.pdf
Clinical Features of Herniated Disc at Cervicothoracic Junction Level Treated by Anterior Approach
Jun Gue Lee, Hyeun Sung Kim, Chang Il Ju, Seok Won Kim
(p53-56)  Korean J Spine_13_2_53_56.pdf
Clinical and Radiological Comparison of Semirigid (WavefleX) and Rigid System for the Lumbar Spine
Do-Keun Kim, Hyunkeun Lim, Dae Cheol Rim, Chang Hyun Oh
(p57-62)  Korean J Spine_13_2_57_62.pdf
The Effectiveness of Gelfoam Technique before Percutaneous Vertebroplasy: Is It Helpful for Prevention of Cement Leakage? A Prospective Randomized Control Study
Jae-Sang Oh, Jae-Won Doh, Jai-Joon Shim, Kyeong-Seok Lee, Seok-Mann Yoon, Hack-Gun Bae
(p63-66)  Korean J Spine_13_2_63_66.pdf
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Case Report
Cervical Myelopathy Caused by Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistula
Won Young Kim, Jin Bum Kim, Taek Kyun Nam, Young Baeg Kim, Seung Won Park
(p67-70)  Korean J Spine_13_2_67_70.pdf
Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Mimicking Schwannoma of Lumbar Spine
Seung-Kook Kim, Sun-Ho Lee, Eun-Sang Kim, Whan Eoh
(p71-73)  Korean J Spine_13_2_71_73.pdf
Cement Leakage into Adjacent Vertebral Body Following Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Jae Hoo Park, Hyeun Sung Kim, Seok Won Kim
(p74-76)  Korean J Spine_13_2_74_76.pdf
Spontaneous Anterior Thoracic Spinal Cord Herniation through Dura Defect: A Case Report
Kyung-Ho Jeong, Hyun-Woo Lee, Young-Min Kwon
(p77-79)  Korean J Spine_13_2_77_79.pdf
Leading a Patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis to Death by Iatrogenic Spinal Fracture
Jae-Sang Oh, Jae-Won Doh, Jai-Joon Shim, Kyeong-Seok Lee
(p80-82)  Korean J Spine_13_2_80_82.pdf
Superficial Siderosis of the Central Nervous System Originating from the Thoracic Spine: A Case Report
Sung Mo Ryu, Eun-Sang Kim, Seung-Kook Kim, Sun-Ho Lee, Whan Eoh
(p83-86)  Korean J Spine_13_2_83_86.pdf
Technical Note
Repair of Inaccessible Ventral Dural Defect in Thoracic Spine: Double Layered Duraplasty
Dong-Hyun Lee, Kyoung-Tae Kim, Jeong-Ill Park, Ki-Su Park, Dae-Chul Cho, Joo-Kyung Sung
(p87-90)  Korean J Spine_13_2_87_90.pdf
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